• Anna Johnson has been an art writer for thirty years. She interviewed Sean Scully for Vanity Fair and more recently authored a monograph on Ann Thomson. Her writing on fashion began at Vogue and culminated in the book Handbags: The Power of the Purse. She also paints.
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  • Hannah Fink is the editor of THE LOT. She has edited various publications, including Art AsiaPacific, and is the author of Strange Things: Bronwyn Oliver (Piper Press, 2017).
  • John McPhee is an art historian. He was the founding Curator of Australian decorative arts and Senior Curator of Australian art at the National Gallery of Australia, 1980–1992, and Deputy Director at the National Gallery of Victoria, 1992–1996. He is the author of books about John Glover and Joseph Lycett and has curated numerous exhibitions of Australian art.
  • John Murphy is an independent curator based in Sydney. He has curated exhibitions and interpretative projects for the Museum of Sydney, National Gallery of Victoria, Queensland Art Gallery, Reserve Bank of Australia and the Sydney Opera House. Previously he was a curator of the Mitchell manuscript and pictorial collections of the State Library of New South Wales.
  • Ruth Little is a dramaturg and writer. She has worked as literary manager of Out of Joint, Soho Theatre, the Young Vic and the Royal Court, and as dramaturg since 2010 for Akram Khan. As associate director of Cape Farewell London she took part in sailing expeditions in the High Arctic, leading groups of artists and scientists across the Western and Northern Isles of Scotland. She is a director of Archipelago Folkschool, Scotland, and works between theatre, dance and environmental projects in the UK, Canada and Australia.